Flat-Out Sexy

Flat-Out SexyTamara Briggs is the widow of Pete Briggs, a race car driver who was killed on the track several years ago. Tamara is now trying to find love once again but to a normal man, no race car driver. She will try and find the man boring until she meets another at a party but will be horrified to learn he is a driver and several years younger than her. She will though not fight the attraction which sizzles between her and Elec Monroe.

Elec Monroe saw this woman and wanted her immediately. He thought her beautiful and full of life. Elec never had a problem with getting woman but she being resistance in wanting a relationship out in the open. He will do his best to find a way to get into her life and get her to see that they are good together.

Since trying two books from Erin McCarthy I wanted to try more. I went in search of some of her books. I came across the series Fast Track which is all about race car drivers on and off the track. First off I loved Flat-Out Sexy which is the first book to the series. It definitely sets the tone of the series, dangerous, wild and steamy. The book was quick to read especially with the nail biting driving and the steamy scenes between Tamara and Elec. The two characters were ones I wanted to read about. I loved that Tamara was a little older but was eventually able to let herself love Elec. They had chemistry immediately and I loved that it was supposed to be a one night stand but it kept escalating into more. I also love that Elec cared about her kids and wanted to know them.

I liked that McCarthy created a feud between the Monroe’s and Briggs that originated between the fathers on both sides, gave a little more to the novel. McCarthy also sets up the book with several characters who will all have their chance at their own book. I am on the search for more of the series at my library. I want to know more of the characters that McCarthy has introduced in this first book. I am looking forward to finding more books on the series Fast Track.


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