After Midnight

After MidnightCaroline Cabot was given a note that her sister had found a suitor in London. She did not find that suspicious until her other sister Portia said that Adrian Kane is a vampire and that their sister is in grave danger. With an invitation from Kane they will travel to London and find if the rumors are true.

After Midnight is the first book to Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros. First off I absolutely loved this book. Medeiros wrote the story well and immediately you were pulled into the story without a problem. Usually Regency romances are the everyday variety but she puts on a little spin by including vampires in the story.

You will fall madly in love with the characters especially Caroline and Adrian. Caroline I loved with how she took on responsibility of her family and sacrificed so much for her sisters. Caroline seems like a wallflower but she is strong and resourceful. All the sisters are really like that, well I didn’t think Vivienne was going to be like that with her need to be with Adrian but all things work out best for everyone, mostly. Then there is Adrian who has a few little surprises up his sleeve which I liked as it kept you on your toes. The mystery behind the character of Adrian left me wanting more. The whole story left me wanting to read more of all these characters.

I think that this is the first book in a while that I was not guessing what would happen in the book. I was just reading the novel and being absorbed into Medeiros world of Regency and Vampires. I have the second and final book for this series as I really need to know what is going to happen with Julian Kane.


2 thoughts on “After Midnight

  1. Gayle, I read this book ages ago and I’m so happy to be reminded of it. I think it is time for a reread. I do remember liking it as much as you have.

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