Finding Perfect

Finding PerfectPia O’Brian was the mean girl in high school but she grew up a lot in those years and now faced with a giant decision that will change her life forever. She will find herself getting help from an unexpected man in Raoul Moreno who runs a camp for kids and knew little about her. She will take the help but soon will find herself in over her head especially as love blossoms.

Finding Perfect is the third book to Fool’s Gold series from Susan Mallery. Reading about Pia gave a new insight to the character and I found myself liking her more than before. The situation that she was put into because of her friend Crystal gave her more chaos but also a chance at true happiness. I did love the interaction between her and Raoul because it felt real like most of the characters Mallery writes. Once again there are tons of side characters that grab you and I find that I am waiting for their stories especially the triplets who will be next in the fourth, fifth and sixth book which I can wait to find in my library and read.

The story was heartwarming with some heartbreaking things that happened giving more to the story. Now even with all that happening I found myself not as pulled into the story as the last one. This of course will not stop me from reading more on the series especially because I did like the story just not as much as the previous one. I will have to go out and find more on the series especially as more men are now moving to Fool’s Gold.


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