The Mystery Woman

The Mystery WomanWith the Arcane Society new series have been branched off with the author Jayne Ann Krentz and her two other pen names. I have been reading Amanda Quick’s book since I found them and so far devoured everyone of them. She has a way with writing her novels that pull you into the situation and weaving that web of mystery. The Mystery Woman is no exception to that rule which is the second book to the Ladies of Lantern Street series.

Beatrice Lockwood is under disguise as a paid companion working on a secret mission for her employers. She will soon find herself tangled up with a mysterious man who leaves in the shadows of the night, Joshua Gage. He will not be an easy man especially as he is after Beatrice for more than he lets on.

Before reading the book I went back to Crystal Gardens and reminded myself of the series. I then read about Evangeline’s friends Beatrice and Claire, so I figured the third book whenever it comes out will be on Claire which is great as I was intrigued by Evangeline’s two friends. So back to The Mystery Woman with Beatrice and Joshua. I have found that this story was more on the mystery which was not a bad thing. It was a little darker and pulled you into the story immediately and what kept you going was the mystery behind the characters. On their own Beatrice and Joshua were great especially with their own secrets that they held from each other, but together they were fantastic and you wanted more.

I can’t wait to read Claire’s story.


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