These Three Remain

These Three RemainI finally got the book These Three Remain which tells the second part of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice that Pamela Aidan has taken and put the classic story from Darcy’s point of view. The story takes up immediately where Aidan leaves us and takes us to Rosings where a proposal will be given and of course rejection, but the story is far from over.

From the first book I fell in love with how she told the story from Darcy’s side because I was always curious what he would be thinking through this courtship and the whole mess with his enemy. I loved that you heard his voice clearly through her words.

Aidan keeps the story once again true to Austen’s world making you feel truly part of Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s world. When I had finished the first book I hated the fact that the story was left in the middle but drove me to find the next one and to finish it even though I knew what would happen from the original. Pamela Aidan was a great find and very enjoyable to read.


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