The Handbook to Handling His Lordship

The Handbook to Handling His LordshipEmily Portsman was on the run most of her life hiding who she really was. Her past was starting to catch up to her and she had to be ready. She is blindsided with Nate Stokes who is not your average gentleman.

Nate Stokes, Earl of Westfall, liked to find things that were missing because he was good at it. His biggest paying assignment just landed in his lap to find a murderess. His theories lead him to the Tantalus Club and in the arms of Emily Portsman who he hopes is not the woman he is looking for.

The Scandalous Brides series has been one that I have enjoyed since the very beginning as it was different with a woman owning a gambling establishment only employed by females with the occasional men for security.

The Handbook to Handling His Lordship, the fourth book from Suzanne Enoch, takes you back to the club where Emily’s identity is being threatened to be uncovered. I thought Emily’s character gave a lot of little surprises especially with who she was as Enoch kept you guessing. She was stubborn and non trusting as she had to keep looking over her shoulder afraid that she would be found out. Nate was fun to read about as he was not your average gentleman. I liked that he made earnings with finding items that were lost or taken. He was a hero but no one could ever know what he had done.

Spies and secrets filled this book more so than the others and Enoch writes the story well. She builds up the story and entices you to want to know more of what really happened as you trust Emily is not the murder but victim. I also liked how Enoch had Emily and Nate interact. They were both watching each other to see if the other one will slip and let loose information they needed. Of course passion flares between them and they have to choose to trust each other.

The villain is easy to decipher as he is the one who is after Emily for killing his wife. Of course that is not the truth but what the Marquis spins so he can find Emily and have his own justice. But villains rarely get what they want.

A happy ending will follow that gives Nate and Emily a chance. I wonder who Suzanne Enoch will be writing about next.


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