How To Be A Proper Lady

How to Be a Proper LadyViola Carlyle has lived her life how she wants. She has freedom that a Lady would not have. Viola will be found and told of her past but she will not be willing to change her life as she knew it would confine her desires. But with the tempting Captain Jin Seton she might be willing.

Captain Jin Seton needed to find Viola in order to pay his debt and he always remembers who he owes. Jin finds Viola and knows instantly she is going to be trouble but he will find a way to take her back to her family. Even as she is tempting him the whole time.

The second book to the Falcon Club series is How To Be a Proper Lady by Katharine Ashe. I found this one entertaining mostly because of Viola and her ways of living. I don’t read too many books with a woman making her life on a ship but Ashe creates her character well. She was determined and stubborn and she was out of place when it came to being girly. There was a certain vulnerability in her character and she never succumbed to what others wanted even when they tried to make her into a Lady. She never lost herself.

The romance was there in the book but it wasn’t just Viola and Jin. There was Viola and Aidan Castle. Reading Castle’s character you knew he wasn’t the right man for her. Jin would be a better match and he shows that he is a gentleman when he gives her the chance to decide.

The ending stayed true to the characters which I liked and Ashe gave a happy ending for Viola and Jin. I checked out the third book where Wyn and Diantha will be crossing paths.


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