A Midsummer Night’s Sin

A Midsummer Night's SinRobin “Puck” Blackthorn enjoys beautiful women and finds one at a masquerade ball. He will soon find that she is not whom he thought but an innocent who now begs for his help. Puck will take it upon himself to find the villain who kidnapped her cousin.

Regina Hackett went to a masquerade with her cousin knowing it was not right but curiosity won out. Regina never expected for her cousin to be kidnapped that night. She will go to the man who kissed her passionately and beg him to help find her cousin.

The sequel to the series Blackthorn Brothers was A Midsummer Night’s Sin by Kasey Michaels. Overall I liked the story. I thought the characters were very entertaining especially Puck who was very charming with every breath he took. I thought he would never be serious but he knows what to do in a crisis. Regina was a dutiful daughter and knew right from wrong. She put Puck in the category of wrong but that didn’t stop her for seeking help with her cousins disappearance. She has a backbone but it was hidden, she finds it through the  journey.

There was a surprise with the identity of the villain and I wasn’t sure why they were doing this but it was all explained at the end. There was justice for the kidnapping which the brothers makes sure happens.

The third and final book to the Blackthorn Brothers series is with the final brother Jake which I will be looking for later on.

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