The Taming of the Rake

The Taming of the RakeOliver “Beau” Blackthorn made a fool of himself seven years ago and vowed he would never do that again. He vowed revenge on the family and so far has been working towards it. Now a new way to seek his revenge falls into his lap with Lady Chelsea’s bargain.

Lady Chelsea Mills-Beckman knew what her family did to Beau and knew it was wrong. Seven years later she flees from her family who tries to control her. She flees to a knowing enemy of her family and makes a bargain knowing she will be a pawn in his game of revenge.

Kasey Michaels first book to the Blackthorn Brothers series is The Taming of the Rake. Michaels brings the reader in with a vow of revenge leading us to more.

I have to say I liked the book. The characters at times where a little strange, I can’t put my finger on it but at times they were a little quirky. It may have been just how the brothers interacted. You do get to know the brothers and from what I have read I think the other two will be interesting to read about.

Now with Beau I liked that he did a complete makeover from who he was seven years ago to this harder man. He will have a playful side which will be brought out by Chelsea which was nice to read. Chelsea’s character was strong and I liked that she always seemed to be smiling. She didn’t back down from her family but made a solution out of the problem.

Chelsea’s family were horrific. I thought there would be sympathy at the end but really they were pretty bad. They continued to live their lives in their own misery as they had done before which was okay with me.

Puck’s story, A Midsummer Nights Sin, is next and I am interested in reading how easy going Puck is and will he be changing like his brother?


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