SeductionDominic Paget, Earl of Bedford, was injured and now has no idea where he is only that he is being helped by a beautiful woman who looks to be the enemy according to her radical views. Dominic will have to stay silent about his identity not knowing who to trust.

Julianne Greystone is radical for the French. Being British she had to watch what she says and to whom but Julianne believed in her views. Her radical ways will get her in trouble as she falls for a man who is not whom she thought to be. She will also find out that life in London will not be kind to her views or to her heart as she is still in love with Dominic.

I was pulled into Seduction right away as Brenda Joyce has a way with words and how she can write a plot and describe her characters. Reading the second book already I knew I would like this book and I was right. I kept reading until the last page.

This is a romance story but it is more of course as there is betrayal and lots of betrayal on both sides. Dominic was doing more for malicious intent, well to a point, as he knew a life with her would never be. Julianne’s betrayal was to save the lives of others even though she knew she would be hurting another. There is of course a happy ending at the end but once again it was tough to get there for Julianne and Dominic. It seemed everything was pulling them apart from their views to the people around them. I liked that they had to fight to get that happy ending.

In the story you are introduced to Jake and and Lucas who are Amelia and Julianne’s brothers. Jake will be in the third book which I am interested in reading but wonder if Lucas will have his own story as well.


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