Vampire Academy

The Vampire AcademyI started the series Vampire Academy from Richelle Mead several years ago when it first came out. But it was a series I had to wait for and I got tried of waiting specifically as she left the book Blood Promise on a cliff hanger. I took a break from her. It turned out the break was for several years and now that the series is complete I decided to revisit the first four and then finish up on the final two books which have been plaguing me.

The six books to the series Vampire Academy are:

1. Vampire Academy

2. Frostbite

3. Shadow Kiss

4. Blood Promise

5. Spirit Bound

6. Last Sacrifice

So first off this series is about vampires but Mead has created this world with a different take on them. Vampires are not the word but Moroi and then there are dhampirs, half humans, who act like guardians for them. Mainly the story takes place at the school, St. Vladimir’s, where they are trained to do the job. The story circles around Rose, the guardian, and Lissa, a Moroi royal. There are many fights and it gets dicey when Dimitri gets into the mix and feelings form between Rose and Dimitri which is against the rules. What then starts to come is Dimitri will be turned to the worst thing which is a strigoi, but all it not lost as there is talk they can be brought back.

Alright so the first four books went quick as I have already read them, so it was more of a reminder of what had occurred with Rose and Lissa plus Dimitri, who I love in the books. Now came Spirit Bound and Last Scarfice. I will say that reading the series again was needed to remind me of the characters who were part of the series. This is something you need to start at the beginning. Back to the fifth and sixth book they were worth the wait. I was in agony for how the story was going especially with the love triangle between Rose, Dimitri and Adrian. Now I did like Adrian but compared to Dimitri he was weak and Rose needed someone who could be by her side.

Now Mead doesn’t make it easy for a happy ending. There are bumps in the road causing nonstop obstacles and of course feelings get in the way with doing the right or wrong thing. I was very satisfied with the ending as I got my way even though one was hurt because of it, but for me the better man or the right man was picked for Rose’s character.

The enemy that was the one behind the murder of the Queen left a blank for me. I had several suspects and the murderer turned out to be one of them but I was never sure until right before they were revealed. I felt bad for the person but not so much when they purposely harmed Rose almost killing her.

After this long wait on the series I would have been steamed if the ending was different but Richelle Mead wrote the series well with all the action, forbidden love, and new hope. The Vampire Academy series is a very good addition for young adult books.

4 thoughts on “Vampire Academy

  1. I love Richelle Mead’s VA series. Have you read the spin off series, Bloodlines? Adrian is in it and it seems that he, too, will get his Happily Ever After. . . eventually. -RB Austin

    • No I have not heard of Bloodlines. I really liked Adrian’s character and felt bad for him at the end so it would be nice for him to have his happily ever after ending as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. B. Patterson says:

    I’m currently on Book 5 in the series. It’s been hard for me to get into it because I think it’s stupid the girls are trying to break you know who out of jail. But it’s still a great series overall. One of my faves.

    • I agree but for a vampire series aimed for the young adults I thought it was well done. The series brings something new to other vampire series I have read. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fifth and sixth book.

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