The Angel in My Arms

The Angel in My ArmsMarcus MacInnes, Earl of Weston, is back to his estate to find out about the ridicules idea that there were smugglers in ties with Napoleon. He will be distracted by a young woman and her little brother as they are trespassing on his land. He will be intrigued as Sarah is not the usual woman he surrounds himself by.

Miss Sarah Tisdale likes that she has no suitors. Every time they get close she acts like herself, too out spoken. Sarah will be intrigued by Marcus and find that he is not all that he seems to be and she will want more from him especially as danger hits close to home.

I had tried Stefanie’s Sloane first book to the Regency Rogues and liked the book. The second book, The Angel in My Arms, was good. The book for me went really fast. It was just under 300 pages but I was able to quickly read it. The plot was easy to follow and it was quick with the action which was placed within the story and the subtle moments. The characters were fun to read, Sarah with her outspokenness and insecurities along with her brother. Then there was Marcus who was drifting through life being an agent. I liked there was a fire between Marcus and Sarah as it gave it some heat. The enemy I knew was coming but it was well done with the scenes.

The third book to the series is The Sinner Who Seduced Me.

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