Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Dawn of the DreadfulsAfter Bespelling Jane Austen I found the author Steve Hockensmith who writes the prequel to the series/book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I did like with all its strangeness.

Now in Dawn of the Dreadfuls Hockensmith Hockensmith tells the tale of how all of these zombies began or began again. There was no Mr. Darcy here only the Bennett girls being trained for battle with the dreadfuls, the zombies. Alright now this was once again strange but entertaining. Its kind of makes me laugh and fascinated at the same time, either way it was a quick and fast pace book to read.

What I liked especially about the book was how the Bennett girls had to be tough and learn to fight, it was certainly a contrast from the rustic lives which Austen was going for. A part of me missed Elizabeth and the interaction with Darcy but as this takes place several years earlier than when Pride and Prejudice he shouldn’t be part of the plot.

I got the next book from Hockensmith where it will be continuing right after the wedding of Elizabeth and Darcy.


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