Writing Jane Austen

Writing Jane AustenFinishing up on the series Darcys from Elizabeth Aston I looked on a website and found another book, Writing Jane Austen, that brings in Jane Austen but in a modern way.

Georgina Jackson is a published author working on her second book when her agent gives her a chance of a lifetime, help finish a Jane Austen manuscript. The only problem is Georgina has never read anything by Jane Austen and has no idea where to begin.

I wasn’t thrilled with the book in the beginning. It might be because I was immersed into the world of regency to be pulled our by the same author but in present day, but it does get better. Georgina’s character is a stressed writer who has got a mean case of writers block and is now given the unthinkable task of finishing a Jane Austen book. The plot I will say it something I haven’t read before and her character is written well done as a woman on a verge of a breakdown with all the pressure but in a comedic way.

All the characters were there to help push Georgina to finish the novel by educating her about an author she has never read a book from. It was funny finding that Georgina had to finish Austen’s manuscript without ever reading a book but she will find the joys of Austen when she finally reads the novels.

There is of course a romance throughout the book but it is very late in the game. Aston gives our character Georgina time to understand that her feelings for her roommate are not so platonic, but the problem is Henry has a girlfriend. The ending though will be sweet and a new chance for the budding romance which was nice way to finish.


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