Mr. Darcy’s Dream

Mr. Darcy's DreamPhoebe Hawkins has been proposed but the suitor was rejected by her father. He simply explained this man would not suit as he was a rake and not someone for his daughter. Phoebe did not want to believe it and goes to Anthony’s house to see a woman who was clearly his mistress leaving. Heartbroken Phoebe agrees with her father that she needs time away and it is off with her to Pemberely where her cousins reside. She will not be alone at the estate as there will be Louisa Bingley who has had three seasons and no suitors yet.

Mr. Darcy’s Dream is the last book for the series Darcys by Elizabeth Aston. For me the series was brought back to life in the fifth book and I think the final/last book, Mr. Darcy’s Dream left us at a good ending. There was a sense of lighthearted and heartwarming friendships and new/old love.

Phoebe was a good character to finish up the series. I liked her eagerness for love but there was another part that became her character which became non trusting. You found out why and your heart broke for hoping that her parents marriage wasn’t what her life would come. This is why I wasn’t sure where the story was going to be going especially with Anthony and Phoebe. At first he looked to be like a complete rake but looks can be deceiving and Aston does a good job at showing things were not all they appeared to be. So in the end love will have a place for Phoebe and Anthony that will have you cheering.

Now the villain is still our famous George Warren but it looks like he will have a partner in crime that looking back wasn’t too surprising. It looks like Warren never learned from any of his mistakes.

With the sixth book done I will have to say that Elizabeth Aston did a very good job at recreating a world of Austen.


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