The Second Mrs. Darcy

The Second Mrs. DarcyOctavia Darcy has been widowed and left penniless then the unexpected happens and a fortune falls in her lap. Octavia will flee her brothers and sisters who think she has to marry again. She will travel to Yorkshire and rediscover herself and about her family she never knew.

Elizabeth Aston’s fourth book to the Darcys series is The Second Mrs. Darcy and was enjoyable to read especially with the playful brother and sister attitude along with rivals combating with each other, Octavia and Sholto. Their banter back and fourth made the book enjoyable especially as each of them were not one to back down.

I enjoyed Octavia as she was not one to slink away when faced with opposition and Sholto is not one to budge unless he wants to do something or is being a martyr. I liked that he gives his life a change when Octavia finally gets under his skin. There will be a happy ending leaving Octavia secure in life and in happiness thanks to Sholto.

Now the old enemy of George Warren is back but never forgotten. He plays more into the story which leaves me to wonder if he will be around for all of the books and will he have time for redemption or will he never change?


One thought on “The Second Mrs. Darcy

  1. An intriguing series. Thanks Gayle.

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