The True Darcy Spirit

The True Darcy SpiritCassandra Darcy is disowned by her parents as a scandal comes her way but it is not her fault or her scandal. She will find a way in the world but there will be plenty of troubles coming her way especially in Lord Usborne who wants nothing more to make her his mistress. Cassandra will eventually find help in Horatio Darcy.

Elizabeth Aston has developed the Darcys series to follow after Jane Austen’s world of Pride and Prejudice. So far it has been a very good series and I liked the third book The True Darcy Spirit, but not as much as the first two.

You are walking into a different world with Cassandra as she is very naive and doesn’t understand all there is to harm her. She had spirit and fought back in this world which was good but it wasn’t there at the beginning. I liked that she was a painter which was her passion. Then there is our hero Horatio who was a lawyer and finds way to help but later on. I wasn’t sure I liked Horatio. He was having an affair with a married woman and he was kind of boring at times. The ending of course gets better and Horatio is more the man that he should be.

Our villain would have to be Lord Usborne as he is vile in his own way but very much like the wealthy who are usually part of the society of London in these romance books. There was also Belle, again I really didn’t like all of Darcy’s daughters only Camille and Alethea, who was the cause of Cassandra’s problems. Belle will find love and happiness which was a little annoying as she still to me is very immature. The next book is The Second Mrs. Darcy.

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