Werewolf in Denver

Duncan MacDowell was all about mating with humans and not to be prejudice about who you love. He will find himself going to a conference to defend his opinions against the leader of his opposition who will leave him tempted to want to be with another werewolf.

Kate Stillman believed that were’s should be with other were’s. She was going to defend her opinions and what she believes is right among their kind. She was not expecting to be wanting her opponent, but she will find herself giving in to that temptation.

Werewolf in DenerWerewolf in Denver is the fourth book from Wild About You series by Vicki Lewis Thompson. So far this series has kept my attention and kept me chuckling throughout the plot. Vicki Lewis Thompson writes her plot and characters well to leave the reader wanting more. On this particular book it wasn’t my favorite but still a very enjoyable book to read.

I liked the playfulness of Duncan and Kate as they interacted and how they were certainly on different sides. You knew of course the energy that was between them and their oppositions would leave to heat and Thompson doesn’t disappoint. On a side note I also liked that she created a twitter account for the werewolves to communicate between each other. I thought that gave the book some more humor.

The next book will be going to Alaska in Werewolf in Alaska.


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