The Wolf’s Surrender

The Wolf's SurrenderNick Jenner is the leader of the Blackpaw pack and takes protecting the pack seriously. He will stumble upon a new problem when a feral werewolf will leave his victim. Nick knows it is their responsibility to stop the feral werewolf but will be distracted by the new problem of Mia who was bit by the feral werewolf.

Mia D’Alessandro life suddenly changed from a romantic weekend with a man she liked to having him chase her in the woods and eventually bite her. Mia is terrified but the horror has yet to finish. She will learn that she will change into a feral werewolf and go insane unless she finds a werewolf to claim her, but Mia is hiding something else that she has been hiding since birth.

I had picked up The Wolf’s Surrender by Kendra Leigh Castle on a whim. I looked at the cover page and it sounded interesting, also the fact that I love paranormal book is another factor. The book is a novel and not part of a series but I can certainly see the promise of more books with these packs.

The characters were all about action in the book and how werewolf procedure was. I liked the insert of the magic and how Mia is not all she appears to be as it added more to the book. Overall I liked the book. I wasn’t enamored by it but it certainly held my attention to the very end. I will be interested in reading more from Castle.

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