The Scarlet Bride

The Scarlet BrideSimon Harrington heard a cry for help and instantly came to the rescue of a woman. Later he found out she was a courtesan and decided to bring her to his cousins school. Little did he know this would not be the last interaction they would have.

Laura Prescott was on the run from her protector who wanted to sell her in an auction. Laura would fight but she was saved by a man who gave her a place to be kept safe. But the danger was far from over for Laura as her protector soon ended up dead and she was first on the inspectors list.

The Scarlet Bride is the third book from Cheryl Ann Smith’s series the School for Brides. Since revisiting this series I remembered why I liked this author just from reading her first book. This book brings a little more danger to the school and more intrigue with a mystery of a murderer. The character Laura was a shell throughout most of the book and Simon was overbearing but Smith makes you cheer for them to find a happy ending.

This book for me went towards a darker path with the killer walking the streets and you weren’t sure until the very end, but there was also a twist I didn’t see coming that brings a happy ending for Laura.

The next book and last one I have from the author is A Convenient Bride where Brenna’s story is next (the fifth book comes out in September). In The Scarlet Bride we are introduced to Brenna who is wild and head strong. I am interested in how she will avoid the impending match that her brother has ordered her to marry.

2 thoughts on “The Scarlet Bride

  1. An author I have yet to read. Thanks for all your recommendations, Gayle.

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