The Accidental Courtesan

Lady Noelle Seymour only had to sneak into the earl’s bedroom and put back the necklace one of the courtesans had stolen. She didn’t expect to find herself in the arms of the earl and to enjoy the brief yet steamy kiss. She will get away but she will encounter the man once again but only this time she will know his real identity.

Gavin Blackwell brief encounter with the courtesan in his bedroom only led him to want more. Gavin was able to find his courtesan only to discover she was not all she seemed to be. He will help her as a danger lurks in the shadow.

The Accidental CourtesanI had read The School For Brides a while ago which is the first book to the series. I wanted to read more from the series but at the time there were none available. I decided to wait until the series, School for Brides, had several for me to take and read. I requested the second, third and fourth book of the series and it did not take long for them to all come my way.

The Accidental Courtesan takes us back to the sisters, Eva and Noelle but this time it will be Noelle helping out a courtesan in trouble. I liked that Noelle had not changed. She stayed a strong woman with her own convictions but there was a sensual side that Gavin was able to draw out. Gavin was also a strong character. I liked that he came from savage lands of America as they called it. He had charm and wit that would make you fall for him but there was also determination and he was a gentleman at heart.

Cheryl Ann Smith writes a well developed romance that holds a little danger and mystery in The Accidental Courtesan. I can’t wait to see where the series will led. The next book is The Scarlet Bride.


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