One Wicked Sin

One Wicked SinLottie Cummings had lived a lifestyle of temptation choosing a new lover at whim, but now her husband has divorced her and she is shunned. All is not lost for Lottie as she will find a way to survive in the arms of Ethan Ryder but at what price.

Ethan Ryder is known to the English as a traitor and bastard. Ethan will ignore the ton as there is only one thing on his mind and that is his mission. To complete the mission he will find help from a notorious woman of the ton, Lottie.

Moving my way through the series Scandalous Women of the Ton I got my hands on One Wicked Sin which is Nicola Cornick’s second book to the series. This series has got me hooked since reading the very first one.

I was hesitant with this book as Lottie’s character wasn’t one I loved as she was unusually selfish and flighty doing only things for herself. She did not have many aspects of a heroine but there is reforming of her character where in the end she has changed slightly. She didn’t change all the way as it wouldn’t be her character. The history of her past was also added making you understand why she acted as she did which gave you more compassion for her. In the end I found that she grew on me.

Now Ethan’s character was a hard man. He was not adverse to using people for his own uses, which actually made me think of Lottie. They were a great pairing for a relationship. As with Lottie there was more to Ethan. I ended up liking him as the story progressed.

As I had said I was apprehensive of reading this book but I wanted to finish this series and surprising enough I did end up liking it, especially how the book ended as it was a very romantic way to complete Lottie’s story. Now only one book left to go, which is the third book Mistress of Midnight.


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