Running Wild

Running WildCarlin Reed was on the run. She hid herself from her family, work and friends all to stay away from a stalker ex-boyfriend. She stayed off the grid and landed in Wyoming where she knew Brad would never look for her. She finds salvation in Kat and Zeke to give her a way to live. It would be easier to move on if she didn’t feel things for her boss.

Zeke Decker needed someone to cook and clean at the ranch after his longtime housekeeper left. He knew that hiring Carlin wasn’t the best thing to do as he felt nothing but lust for her but he knew she was in trouble. Zeke would do his best to protect this woman and get her life back on track.

Running Wild is written by Linda Howard and Linda Jones, and this is the first book to the series Men from Battle Ridge. After putting down the book I wanted more. Sadly as this is a new series so no more books are available to read at the moment. I hope with the next book that Kat will be the next one to be written about as I really want to know more of her story.

I have only read one book from each of these authors but they are both strong writers who make compelling plots to read. You are drawn into the plot wanting to know the complete story as it was missing pieces. The puzzle is solved as you go through the plot. What I liked from the book was how believable Carlin actually was. I think all of the characters had seemed real throughout the book especially with Carlin being cautious in everything. I liked Zeke’s character as he looked to be and acted like a man who knew how to intimidate but he was alone in the world wanting someone to be with. Now both Jones and Howard know how to write sex into the plot and it was done well in the book. I liked that it didn’t overshadow Carlin’s problem in the book and what she had to deal with.

Men from Battle Ridge is a series that I can’t wait to read more on.


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