A Gentleman Undone

A Gentleman UndoneLydia Slaughter plays a game of odds but with them on her side. Her goal is to win enough to win her freedom but a new obstacle will be in her way.

Will Blackshear is out of the war and comes out as a hero. He is coming back to London with an agenda at the gaming tables and will be consumed in a new wager.

After reading the first book of Cecilia Grant I wasn’t exactly jumping up from my seat to read the second book, A Gentleman Undone to the Blackshear Family series but as I had already picked it up from the library I went with it anyways. I will say that this book was better than the first. Still it didn’t grab me as I would like but it kept me reading nevertheless. In the book what did keep me reading was the intrigue and the matching of wits at the gambling tables. I found myself smiling at the thought of Lydia and her skills that were outside of the bedroom, counting cards. I also liked that Lydia and Will were equally paired when facing off.

So the series has been up and down but I will probably keep a look out for more of the series at a later point.

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