A Lady Awakened

Martha Russell is newly widowed and is in danger of loosing everything around her if she isn’t pregnant with an heir. Martha knows she is not pregnant but will turn to her neighbor to help fix that problem.

Theophilus Mirkwood is intrigued by the proposal but took it on regardless. For one month he would be used as a stud to help Martha.

A Lady AwakenedCecilia Grant’s first book to the Blackshear Family is A Lady Awakened. When I first started it didn’t really grab my attention and throughout the rest of the story I just couldn’t get into it. I became a little bored with the way the story was turning out. It really had to do with Martha’s character. I understand that she did not relish in the ways of the bedroom as with her late husband it was not all to be desired. She stayed passive and reserved in all ways. It got a little annoying as you hoped that she would be like the title and awaken to these feelings. She does finally at the end but I felt it needed to come at a much earlier part of the story.

I got the second book at the same time so I will read it. Hears hoping I will like it better.


2 thoughts on “A Lady Awakened

  1. I totally agree with your review, Gayle. I thought Ms grant could write well but the story was just off somehow. I look forward to your review on her next book.

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