Better Than Chocolate

Better Than ChocolateSamantha Sterling knew her company was in trouble. It had been ruined due to her mothers husband. She soon found out that the bank would be her enemy a long with Blake and he would be the one that finally sees them fail. Samantha would not stand for it, with determination she set out to find a way to keep Sweet Dreams from closing.

Blake Preston was back to his home town and taking the job as bank manager. He was good at his job but he hated to be the enemy to small business when he couldn’t offer them a loan especially Samantha. She had shaken him and he knew what they were doing was not fair. He did his best to help behind the scenes and to show her he wasn’t a bad guy.

Better Than Chocolate sounded intriguing. This is the first book to the Life in Icicle Falls series by Sheila Roberts. I was ready to like this book as what women wouldn’t like a story involving chocolate in the plot. Well it was cute and I did end up liking it in the end. Not as a favorite as I have to read more from this author, but it was okay. It had taken me a while to get into this book. Personally for me I was pulled in every possible direction in the book as I got distracted by all the characters the town has to offer.

Having many characters in a book is beneficial as it leaves the series room to grow and you certainly were able understand everyone’s personality but once again it was too chaotic for me. It does make sense that the book would be busy as the series is called Life in Icicle Falls.


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