The Seduction of His Wife

The Seduction of His Wife-ClareEmma Hallaway has been married for twelve years but it is a marriage of convenience. Now her husband is back and right in time for a secret she has held from him to possible come out and ruin her.

Richard Mansfield, Earl of Asbury, is on the run from someone who wants him dead, it leads him back home to his wife. He had not seen his wife since the wedding night and now she has him speechless with her looks and how she has turned from shy to bold.

Going into the book The Seduction of His Wife I remember reading Tiffany Clare early last year. I had found to like her with her surprise writing. This book has the similar element to it along with the other two Hallaway sisters that are sisters to Abby who was in The Secret Desires to a Governess. I was excited to read about the other two sisters as I had only read about the aftermath of Abby in her own story.

In the book Tiffany Clare is really telling several stories. The main one of course is of Emma and Richard who were always at ends with each other except in the bedroom. The other story is with Grace, the other sister, and her own love affair. I enjoyed the different stories as it kept you going, there were no slow parts and many steamy scenes. There were at times when I felt once again the story was in the process of being told, like with the relationship between Waverly and the two Hallaway sisters or the Duke and Emma. There were things missing but it was very enjoyable and you could follow the story nevertheless.


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