Straight From The Hip

Straight From The HipIzzy Titan was always the first one to try anything but with a recent explosion at her job has now left her mostly blind. She is taken to a camp where she will learn to survive being blind unless she gets the courage to do the surgery.

Nick runs a survival camp for those who are broken. He will be doing his friend a favor when he takes in Izzy. He will try to stick professional but it will be hard to do when lustful feelings step in. Nick will find another problem and he will start to wonder if his friend used him.

Straight From The Hip is the third book from Susan Mallery’s series Lone Star Sisters. Once again this is a book I couldn’t put down even with all the betrayal that was going on. Most of it is still from Garth but Jed is still there with his cruelty.

Nick looked to be a great guy even with the questionable friendship but he did his part to betray the person he started to love all the same. I liked him but wanted him to shape up and do what was right, which he does but later.

Izzy was a broken woman which was different to read. I liked that she changed and became less of a selfish person. She changed for the better and learned how to survive. I liked her vulnerability as you got to see a different side of her.

Now Garth who is ever present in the book with his goal of revenge. I liked how the progression of revenge for Garth kept moving. He was ruthless especially even with his friend, Nick. There was a change though in the book at the very end which I laughed at because it seems now Izzy is after him. She wants him to be a brother to her and thinks he needs to be saved, and that he is not alone.

This new info leads me to think then who set the explosion? I think Hot On Her Heels will be giving the final answers.


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