Forever and a Day

Forever and a DayRoderick Gideon Tremayne is in search of a map but an unexpected thing happened, he forgot who he was. Roderick was pursuing a woman’s purse when he was in an accident bumping his head. He will have no idea who he is or was but with Georgia by his side he doesn’t feel he was missing anything. But life is never that easy for Roderick starts to remember and everything changes.

Georgia Milton didn’t expect for her day to happen this way with a man coming home with her having no idea who he was or what he was doing in New York. She will make due with this new addition as he was willing to give her someone money for her trip west but things start to get complicated when her heart starts to grow found of this man.

Forever and a Day is the first book of the series Rumor by Delilah Marvelle. Starting her book I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Her other books were okay but I wanted to try this new series.

For me this book didn’t pull me in how I liked. The plot of the amnesia aristocrat was a little out there for me at times. I did like that he changed within the book from a pompous man to a more noble one. I liked the other character of Georgia especially with her fiery disposition and ruff ways about her.  The two hold nothing back when it comes to passion but you can’t have that only. What I did like was how it was staged in New York. It certainly felt the time period in the book almost like it was the turn of the century.

Forever and a Day was okay and I am interested in finding out more with what will happen with Matthew and Lady Burton.


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