All Summer Long

All Summer LongClay Stryker an ex-model has come back home with a plan to make something of himself as a business man. He will find his time being divided between his new life and a firefighter Charlie who walked into his life. He didn’t want to start anything with a new woman but with Charlie he was going to help her out with a problem that has been hurting her for years.

Chantel “Charlie” Dixon is a tough firefighter who doesn’t let a lot of men come close to her. She is guarded as her first time was not a consensual one. She made a friend with Clay and took a chance to take the next step with healing herself.

As I really enjoyed the eighth book of Fool’s Gold I had a feeling this one I would like as well. I found Charlie to be a character I wanted to know more when she was in the eighth book. I got my wish with All Summer Long by Susan Mallery. This series really is a heartbreaking stories that have that uplifting at the end which is needed.

Immediately in the story Mallery brings you into the world of Fool’s Gold without a problem. The characters once again are all around which really lets the series grow. They float in and out of the plot but ultimately the story was focused on Clay and Charlie. Those two couldn’t be more opposite but they were both a little damaged with how people saw them and how they couldn’t open to love. Clay couldn’t as he had that love and wasn’t looking for it again. I loved that he wasn’t just another pretty face and that he truly cared. Charlie never had it and was hurt before she even had a chance. I loved that Charlie asked Clay as for the deal but the moment they started you hoped they find true feelings for each other.

On a side note of the book this was a heartwarming tale of forgiveness but I didn’t really want Charlie to forgive her mother. Her mother didn’t believe her when Charlie went to the police and filed rape charges. Her words of advice were horrible, don’t lead a man on. So with that I couldn’t really think Charlie should forgive but forgiveness is the way to grow and heal so I know why it was needed.

Fool’s Gold will be a series I will be coming back to as I want to find out how it all started but I have my eye on another series by Susan Mallery which is Lone Star Sisters.


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