Garden Spells

Garden Spells

Have you ever seen or read the story Practical Magic? Well that is what Garden Spells reminded of immediately as I started to read the story.

Waverleys were known for their strange behavior and the legend that surrounds them. Claire Waverley has lived in the old house for years but has never been completely embraced because of who she is, but things are starting to change with a new neighbor and a sister who is coming back home.

Garden Spells is written by Sarah Addison Allen and was magical. I was drawn into the story even as I compared it to Practical Magic. Allen writes the story well and you can hear her own voice very clear.

I was drawn in how the sisters, Claire and Sydney, were almost enemies but learned to love again and found love from good men who saw beyond the legends. This was a sweet romance story but also of forgiveness and trust. Those categories also followed with the villain, Emma who I think of her as a villain, of the book who turned a new leaf in the end. The actual villain, David, got his own justice at the end which felt right.

What was fascinating for me was the apple tree and what it could do. If you were to bite an apple from the tree you either see the happiest moment or your death. This plays in to the story and gives a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming but was happily surprised.

Garden Spells was a book I was recommended to read by my cousin who really has not let me down on her recommendations. This will not be the last time I will be reading something from Sarah Addison Allen.

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