Margery Mallon was a lady’s maid for some of the most scandalous women of the ton and remained innocent. Margery will soon meet a man that will change her world letting her know she is the granddaughter of an earl, a very rich earl. Margery will deny it, will deny the fortune and title as she knew she would not fit into this world, but with every time she tries to get away Henry will be there pushing her back into this new world.

Henry Atticus Richard Ward, Lord Wardeaux was to inherit the earldom. It was a known to all of society. Now his godfather claims his granddaughter is alive and he charges Henry to find her. Henry interacts with Margery to find out any information on her but he made the mistake of keeping too close to her. Henry will find her attractive and lust will pull him towards her. He knows she wants to marry for love and that is something he can not give.

ForbiddenI had recently read the fifth book of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton so I remembered all the characters with ease. Forbidden is the sixth and last book of Nicola Cornick’s series. This series is one that will make you sit down and read until the very last page. The tale takes a page from Cinderella as our heroine will have the chance to go from rags to riches. Now what I liked about this book was how Margery was given a new outlook on life but rejected it and everything that went with it. That is until she was able to meet her grandfather and they warmed up to each other. I liked her fiery personality as she was not afraid to speak her mind especially to Henry. Our hero is Henry and is a cold-hearted man who has learned to shield himself away from really feeling especially love. He will slowly break down that shield but at the end it will erupt as Margery could be lost. I liked his role as the rake as he played it well but loved it more that he was a working gentleman who was an engineer. The passion was bursting through the pages every time they kissed leaving you with steamy scenes of temptation.

On a side note I had not read anything about Tom who was from the previous book. It looks as if his fate was sealed in the previous book. I had hoped it wasn’t but we can’t get everything we want. At least at the end of the fifth book he had redeemed himself which I liked.

The back story of how Margery was taken was obviously going to be brought up and Cornick gives us a villain in the beginning with not a clear motive but there is a surprise villain. I had not seen this person coming which let you be surprised at the twist. I will have to find myself another series to start as it appears this was the last book to the series, well I still have two more books to read (second and third book). Of course the series could keep going, we will just have to wait and find out.


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