One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

One Good Earl Deserves a LoverLady Philippa wants to know what marriage will mean but no one will tell her. Pippa will go on her own to find the answers from one person who would know everything about the martial bed, Cross from The Angels gambling hell. She will make a deal with the scoundrel but everything is not fair when you deal with someone like Cross.

Cross was in a bind when he was propositioned by Pippa. He tried to turn her away, lie to her but she kept coming back. Soon Cross needs to show Pippa what she wants. He is infuriated that anyone would get to touch her but him. Cross though will find he will have little choice on who he gets with as an old enemy shows up again taking away his choices.

It is always a good day when an author grabs me with their words. Reading becomes thrilling and a joy to do. The Rules of Scoundrels series is so far something I can’t put down. It has wit, betrayal, some fun, sensuality and passion and you don’t want to stop reading. Sarah MacLean has become a favorite author because of this series and reading the second book, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover I love this series even more. With the two books compared I find myself wanting to read about Pippa and Cross more. I still love Penelope story but Pippa’s story has become my favorite.

Throughout the book there is tons of temptation that Cross gives Pippa. He seems to be a master but there are surprises throughout the book especially about Cross I didn’t see coming. MacLean writes his past well and how he continues to punish himself. Cross will slowly change to a man who wants that passion again but with only one woman by his side.

Now Pippa was oddly wonderful with her scientific information and her bluestocking ways. She was a smart woman and Cross understood her which I loved. In the book as it went on she grew stronger with what she needed to do. I cheered for her to find that happiness she longed to have.

The villain is Knight without a doubt. He is a slimy character. I felt bad for his daughter as she was a pawn in his plan. Towards the end all will not be lost for Cross and Pippa as there will be justice for what Knight was trying to do.

The ending was perfect and showed a happy ending that will make you want to cheer, but now that I have finished the second book I found there are no more available for the series. Even though I will have to wait I know that the third book will be worth the wait. Rules of Scoundrels is an addicting series and I can’t wait to find out who will be the next to be written about, Temple or Chase?


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