Sins of A Duke

Sins of A DukeSebastian Griffin, Duke of Melbourne avoids scandal and rules his siblings as the leader of the family. Now with all of them taken care of Sebastian finds himself in a situation of scandal with a Princess, but Sebastian has a feeling Princess Josefina is not who she claims to be.

Princess Josefina Katarina Embry came to England dazzling everyone of the ton expect the one she needed, Sebastian Griffin. She knew that he would not be the right pick as he asked too many questions and he was starting to make her heart beat faster.

The conclusion of the Griffin Family series is Sins of a Duke from Suzanne Enoch. I liked this series from the start with how the family was there for each other and how they got on each others nerves. Sebastian has always been the controlling one which was nice to see him loose a little stiffness. You got to find out the other side of the foreboding older brother. Princess Josefina was someone who confused me as what she really wanted in life as it seemed that it was to abide her father. There was mystery to what happened to her in her earlier years which you could guess from the clues. I did like the twist at the end with her circumstance and how it changed.

When I started the series I felt that I was waiting for the novel with Sebastian and even though I liked it I wasn’t thrilled by it as I was with the first novel. I did like that there was more of a mystery with this novel. I thought that side of the story gave a little more intrigue to the story. As I’ve finished the Griffin Family series I can’t wait to find more of Suzanne Enoch’s novels to read.


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