Something Sinful

Something SinfulLord Charlemagne Griffin was the charmer of the family but now that will be getting him into trouble. He will use his charm and explain a great find he was about to get with a purchase of silk as he danced with the very attractive Lady Sarala. He will soon find out that he should know not to trust a pretty face.

Lady Sarala Carlisle took the news and knew exactly what to do. She felt bad but her family needed the money. Soon Sarala will find out that this job is not too easy with Shay attempting to seduce the silks back and now an unexpected danger lurks around them.

Something Sinful had intrigue. Suzanne Enoch switches it up in the third book from the Griffin Family series and gives a little more action and adventure still with the passion and seduction. It took a little time for me to like Sarala as I wasn’t sure what her angle was going to be about but you start to like her in the book especially as she matches wits with Shay every time they banter back and forth. Shay really is the seducer in the book especially with every chance he gets alone with Sarala. What I really loved was that the family bond of the Griffin’s which is created is very strong when facing an enemy, you are never alone with them around.

The villain was to be expected. There was not hiding that fact as it basically screamed out as you read it. But Enoch will keep you going to find out what will happen to the villain and the complete background story between the villain and Sarala.

Through the book I found myself wondering what is Sebastian’s story going to be about, which is the next and last book to the series. I go back and forth with liking Sebastian’s character but now that I have read all the siblings I really want to know what will happen with Sebastian.


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