PersuasionAmelia Greystone loved Simon Grenville ten years ago but when she faces him at his wife’s funeral she knows her heart had not let him go all those years ago. Amelia will find a way to get into Simon’s life to help his children but she will find out much more on the man she used to know.

Simon Grenville, Earl of St. Just, is a double agent and thought he was safe for a little while. He will find himself struggling to keep himself and his children safe but he will find more than one obstacle when Amelia thrust herself into their lives.

Persuasion by Brenda Joyce was thrilling to read for me. I was instantly brought into the story with the scene from the prison and even though I am reading the second book from the series Spymaters’s Men I had no trouble following. I really enjoyed sitting down and reading the book.

Amelia was a character you loved as she was compassionate for anyone. She put her heart and soul into dealing with people and rarely thought about herself. She grows as a character with more backbone but kept the compassion. Simon was the complete opposite as he was dark and brooding as he cared for few as it would be a liability in his life. It was interesting to learn about Simon and his life and choices through this thoughts. Danger is at every turn in the book especially with Simon as a double agent.

The romance and passion were among the pages of book. What I thought was interesting was the actual act of sex was behind closed doors which I have not read in romance books for a while now. It was a change of pace which let you concentrate on the characters and the problems that were coming their way.

This series has me intrigued and I will definitely be looking into finding out more from the other two books from Spymasters Men.


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