Potent Pleasures

Potent PleasuresCharlotte Diacheston is in a bind when she follows her friend to a masquerade ball. Charlotte will meet a man and loose her virginity all in one night. Charlotte is confused and has vowed she wouldn’t marry now. Three years later Charlotte is making her way into the world but finds herself facing the man who she lost her virginity too only he doesn’t recognizes her.

Earl of Sheffield and Downes, Alex Foakes has been away for three years since meeting the woman of his dreams at the masquerade ball. He was never able to find her. Now he has found a new woman that has his mind turning lustful, and Alex will have this woman. He will not realize that his dream girl and this woman are one in the same.

The Pleasures Trilogy series starts out with Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James. This book was very quick to read with passion stirred into the pages and had a certain charm thanks to Charlotte’s character. I liked her own determination to go on with her life after her certain ruination, she did what she wanted. Alex was a character you wanted to like even as he was a stern man who really couldn’t trust people. He treated his daughter right which was enduring part of his character especially when he was usually glaring. When it came time to trusting Charlotte he continued to fail in that department. I got annoyed towards the end when the downfall was to happen. I thought that Eloisa James didn’t give Charlotte enough to time to really fight back but the scene that was created was written well and you felt for the characters.

Eloisa James gives us a truly happy ending especially with the scene in the epilogue which brought back the passion in the beginning of the book.


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