Sin and Sensibility

Lady Eleanor Griffin wants freedom away from her brothers who restrain her every move. They want her wed and pregnant. Nell wants to explore what life has to offer. She will in list the help of her brothers friends Valentine Corbett to help form her education of freedom. Nell though will soon find herself in way over her head as she starts to feel things for Valentine and she knows that if a word of scandal follows her name she will be married off to a suitor of her brothers choosing.

Valentine Corbett, Marquis of Deverill has been friends with the Griffins since his time at school. He has treated Sebastian like family but he was horrified at the notion to watch over Sebastian’s sister, Nell. Valentine will be blackmailed into the task but once he sees the new Nell in a different light Valentine wouldn’t think this as a task anymore. He will help Nell’s need for freedom and showing her how to sin.

Sin and SensibilityI loved Sin and Sensibility from Suzanne Enoch. I have read only several books from her and each time you are pulled into the story. Enoch designs the plot surrounding the Griffin family but mainly their little sister Eleanor. Enoch like many authors have used a siblings or large families to make a series. She does that with the series Griffin Family which ensures four books, each sibling their own story. This kind of series always brings me back to Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons which I loved.

So for me what made the book was of course the sensuality of the two characters but it was also Nell’s need for freedom. She is a loving sister to her brothers but wants space. I love how the brothers are over protective. Now because of this new freedom she gets into a tight spot with the villain which I hoped he would get what was coming to him, and he does. She is a character you wanted to win a type of freedom she thrived for. Valentine was the rogue you wanted. Enoch describes him well and he acts on his roguish ways. I liked that she puts a conscious on the rogue. He will save Nell more than one time in the book and you get to hear his side, his thoughts through the book which makes you love his character.

The brothers were fantastic. I can’t wait to read more about them and what trouble they will get into. There is the eldest, Sebastian, who is the one in charge and then there are Zach and Shay. I think all of the brothers are interesting but I am interested to read about Sebastian especially as there was a little surprise at the end involving him and matchmaking his sister, and that he has a daughter nicknamed Peep.


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