Waking Up With The Duke

Waking Up With The DukeRansom Seymour, Duke of Ainsley is astonished at the request of his cousin. Ransom is to be used as a stud for his cousins wife to get her pregnant. Ransom has wanted Jayne since he saw her but she was already taken. He will give pleasure for Jayne knowing that will be all he will ever get.

Lady Jayne Seymore, Marchioness of Walfort is mortified at her husbands request. To sleep with the very man who was the cause of her husbands injuries. Jayne vowed she would not take pleasure from him but every moment in his arms tested her strength.

Waking Up With The Duke is the third book from Lorraine Heath’s series London’s Greatest Lovers and a first time author for me. I read tons of romance books and I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was not just a fluff story but had backbone and heartbreaking situations laced through the book. I knew the outcome I wanted for Ransom and Jayne but found it impossible for them to be together as Jayne is married. At the end I wasn’t surprised what happened as it was the situation I guessed but before you get to the happy ending you find out much more with the characters. Heath does a fantastic job breaking down the characters to who they really are. Ransom was a good man under the scandalous ways he is portrayed. Jayne wants to be cherished and loved or even touch by her husband but will know the difference when Ransom touches her. I liked she had spirit and didn’t concede right away especially as she is supposed to dislike this man.

My least favorite character would have to be Jayne’s husband. I felt sorry for him but then I found out about what he was hiding and with that betrayal I couldn’t warm up to him. I didn’t like that he put Jayne through the situation just to wash away his own guilt. I wasn’t too choked up with what happened to him.

I will be interested to read more on these infamous brothers now reading the last book of the series.


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