The Heart of a Hero

The Heart of a HeroJulie Campbell has had a string of bad luck but she is doing her best to get her life together along with her siblings. Being the children of the town drunk was no picnic nor having a less than perfect reputation. Julie was innocent of the lies her ex-husband spilled but not many believed her. Julie had to work that much harder to prove herself. She would not let anything get in her way especially a meddling security guard for the resort.

Nicholas was living at the resort for a year finally coping with this new century. He will find himself playing the knight in shinning armor for an employee who certainly fell into that category. He will take it upon himself to save Julie from the things that have been holding her down and to give her more.

The Heart of a Hero, the fourth book to Janet Chapman series Spellbound Falls, just got to my library and quickly I snatched it up. The series Spellbound Falls is one of the more unique series I have read and so far it captivated my attention with the lighthearted stories mixed with magic, the fourth book was no exception. Nicholas has been a little mystery in the series and here we find out more on him. I like his kind and gentle ways as he was making it easier on Julie. The added part of his cats were cute to read and added some humor to the normally stoic Nicholas. Now Julie was a damaged woman walking around the town, but determined to do better. I liked how her character kept going and didn’t turn to violence with hitting those people who ruined her reputation. She kept cool and went on with her life. You will feel for her character hoping for her to find that happiness. Within the book you are also treated to reading about the previous characters in the series. I liked that they were not forgotten in the story.

I found the story charming and had some humor especially with the women who were all married or dating to these magical men. Peg was among the funnier ones with the attitude she consistently has in the story about children. I liked that they were all banded together in dealing with the strange things that were happening. It was cute at the end when they all seemed to be in the same predicament and held promise for future books. I wonder who will be next in the series.


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