Wicked Surrender

Scher Martin has dreams she hopes to fulfill one day. A day where she can be wed to a respectable man, have children and a home. These are not big dreams but as an actress they seem almost impossible that is until a young suitor proposes marriage. Scher will see her dreams being fulfilled but with that she will tear away the passion she feels for another.

Brandon Cates, Viscount Blackthorn was told by his family that Scher Martin was unsuitable for his cousin Kit. Brandon was to seduce this woman but it was he who was seduced. He will find that he cannot live without Scher but it will take everything to get Scher to change her mind about him.

Wicked SurrenderWicked Surrender is filled with passion, lust, betrayal and love all great traits for a romance story. I have never tried Jade Lee so I was excited to try a new author. Wicked Surrender is the first book to the two book series Wicked and it certainly does live up to its name.

Now starting her book I was intrigued by this man of Brandon but quickly wanted to dislike him for almost hurting Scher. Brandon does grace us with his better side of personality and you grow to like him and love his character with the flaws as you learned where they came from. Scher was also a intrigue with who the real woman was behind it all. I liked her control and desire to be part of the world which would shun her. She was a well developed character I thought. I wasn’t sure I would like the plot as it was Scher being torn apart between two men who would give her a future but it is a common one.

The villains were simply the family and all the people around Scher who were part of crowd with money. She was given the direct cut at every turn and the family made sure of it. Lee does a great job making you hate the family and their schemes. At the end I wasn’t thrilled to find out what happened with Kit but there is a twist that I didn’t see coming. I will have to check out the second book to the series Wicked to see how it all plays out as well as going after some of her other books.


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