Project Date

Philomena Donovan is in a bind when her mom gives her the first chance to upstage her perfect older sister by bringing her boyfriend. The problem is she just dumped her boyfriend. Mena goes on a search to find the perfect boyfriend until she realizes that Barry was the perfect one but he already found someone new. Mena will fight this by starting to date Barry’s friend Rio but feelings start to intrude on her plan. Rio makes her blood sizzle but she knew that her parents would not approve.

Project DateKate Perry is an author I stumbled on because of the cover. It looked like it could be a cute book to read so I tried it. Project Date was okay. It wasn’t anything mind blowing but it was a cute modern romance. There were good side characters and the book kept following from start to finish especially with the sexual tension bursting through the pages. There were at times that several characters became a little annoying mainly it was the main one, Mena. She seemed at times a little too much of an airhead and she pouted a lot which got on my nerves to a point. Who I loved was Rio, a real man and one that was not perfect. I even warmed up to Daphne who I thought I would dislike but ended up really liking her character.

At the end there is a heartwarming ending bring family back and love reunited. Not one of my favorite authors but I will probably revisit Kate Perry with another book down the line.


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