A Secret in Her Kiss

Mari Sinclair is a woman known for her art in the East but what many do not know is how she uses art. She has been working as a spy using her drawings as messages but now with a brush of death she is rethinking her position. She will be given a guard in Major Bennett Prestwood and as she does not want him there her heart will be thinking differently especially as it grows to lust.

Major Bennett Prestwood has another mission but this time it does not involve ending someone’s life. Bennett will travel to the east to protect an English British spy who appears to be in danger. Bennett will be stricken with her beauty  and passion as he gets to know her, but he wouldn’t let it distract him from his mission especially as danger keeps getting closer.

A Secret in Her KissA Secret in Her Kiss is the first and only book I have read from Anna Randol. I found out she is a newly published author and I was intrigued to find out more. I have to say I did like it. The characters were different than others I have read in the romance. The books setting was in Constantinople which right away was different than the normal England setting. I liked the different cultural which was stated in the book and the characters of Mari and Bennett were both a little different from our average hero and heroine. Both were spies but the hero was a closet poet and the heroine looking for where she belonged. There was not immediate happy ending as it was fought, found, lost, and found again which gave the book something more.  Now saying all that there was some time in the beginning of the book I wasn’t drawn into that world Randol describes as much as I would like to have been. This of course will not stop me from trying another book of hers as you never know what the next book will bring.


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