The Devil in Disguise

The Devil in DisguiseLord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont or known as Iron Will has been given a mission and that is to protect Lucinda Grey. Will knows its no hardship as she was a beautiful woman. He will find himself falling for this woman but he cannot forget his duty.

Lady Lucinda Grey has heard all the same comments from all different suitors over and over. She wanted something more. Lucinda will be surprised when it comes to her in the form of the infamous Duke of Clairemont “Iron Will”. She will be scandalized with his proposal but will except.

Stefanie Sloane is a brand new author for me. I will say I liked it. It was fun and had adventure in the book with a some what tamed villain. There was no big surprise moment but it was fast and enjoyable to read. You knew what would happen when Lucinda would find out the truth of what Will was doing and without a doubt tears and betrayal follow but Sloane wrote the scene well.

I found that I liked Lucinda as she was intelligent and was passionate character. Will was a contradiction which made him all the more interesting. The rogue who only plays one for a cover but the man behind the mask is the best kind of gentleman. I would be interested in reading more from her.


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