The Duke Is Mine

The Duke is MineMiss Olivia Lytton has been born to be a duchess according to her parents. Now the day is upon her as she is betrothed to one but he is not the brightest one of his peers.  Olivia will do her duty but will be tempted by another duke altogether who is meant for her sister.

Duke of Sconce, Tarquin Duke has loved once and it left him devastated but his mother has told him its time to marry again. She will bring two woman in and perform her test but it is the sister who is already betrothed that will steal his heart.

The third book, The Duke Is Mine, of the Happily Ever After series was not what I expected. At first I had thought to want to dislike Olivia as she was going to steal away her sisters would be intended. Then you get to know Olivia and what she had gone through with her family. I instantly started to like her. I loved her quick wit and wanton attitude even though she didn’t know she was doing it at times. Now Quin I wanted to not like either for a moment as he was willing to just take what he wanted but once again you got to know the character you like them better as Eloisa James writes about their struggles in the past. I still didn’t like that they were doing something hurtful to those who would be injured by this but James does have a way of making things go alright. I did like the mother of Quin even though she was ill tempered at times. She did her part with the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea with her test she conducted. At the end James will give a sweet ending for all the characters.


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