Much Ado About Marriage

Much Ado About MarriageFia MacLean wants to make her way in the world by her plays but to do that she must get to London. Fia will not though get married to have that dream happen as a husband would take away her freedom. Fia finds the solution in Thomas Wentworth.

Thomas Wentworth was on a mission and did not expect to get tangled up in a situation with Fia MacLean by his side. Thomas did not know what to think of this woman at first but soon learned that having her in his life would never be dull.

Much Ado About Marriage is the sixth book to the MacLean series by Karen Hawkins but it does not follow the MacLean siblings she started out with. Hawkins takes us back in time when the curse was just starting.

Instantly as I started to read I loved the character of Fia. She was impulsive, funny and stubborn. She got her way a lot and saw the good in people. Her faith in Thomas was of course tested and she passed but Thomas did not follow his heart. Thomas was well developed for espionage which throughout the book I thought Hawkins did a great job. He was a hero in his own right and a charming one at that. You wanted him to find a way to make a life with his wife before he blew his chance from his lack of trust.

What intrigued me about the book was the amulet which is what really created this curse. As I have read the other books you already knew most of the facts but it was fun to read it as it was happening and knowing what it would lead too. Overall the MacLean Curse series is one that was worth reading.


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