The Naked Baron

Glancing over the racks of books I found myself wanting to read Sally MacKenzie. Her Naked Nobility series is very funny and entertaining to read. I have read most of the series but two of the books. One of the books I have not read is The Naked Baron.

The Naked BaronGrace Belmont is having her first season at twenty five but it is not to find a husband. She found out that her father has already gotten her engaged to her neighbor. Grace will do her duty but it will be difficult when she finds herself attracted to the Baron.

Baron Dawson “David” is on the lookout for a wife and no one would do that is before he saw Grace. Everything about her called to him and he wanted her to be his but there were obstacles in the way.

The reason I did not want to read this book in the beginning was because Grace was the woman who jilted John which was stated in The Naked Gentleman. You start to read the book and it completely changes my opinion as you get to know her character. She is fun, passionate, awkward, and has a warmer personality then what you are lead to believe from the previous book. I liked that now you understand the struggle she went through to do the right thing the best she could. This helped me like her a lot more. Now David was funny as well but his mind was solely on lustful feelings which were how his thoughts tended to drift every time he was around Grace. It was entertaining to read.

A second story was being told at the same time with Kate (Grace’s Aunt) and Alex (David’s Uncle). Their story was about second chances. I loved how MacKenzie did not make it easy on the couple but she threw in a couple twists that had you hoping for a happy ending finally for these two, and she doesn’t disappoint.

There is no real villain in this story but those of society are of course cruel and spiteful. Grace’s father does do a good job at imitating a villain as he wants to force Grace into a loveless marriage as he had to do. There is no real saving that relationship but MacKenzie will give insight as to why the father acts as he does.

The Naked Baron is full of laughs at what happens and a lot of playful passion which arises in the book. Only one book to go for the Naked Nobility series, The Naked Marquis.

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