Proof of Seduction

Madame Esmerelda or really known as Jenny has played the role of the fortune teller for twelve years but it was time to stop the charade especially as a bet was now placed on her. Jenny did not want to hurt Ned who would find out she was a fake but before she would surrender she found herself surrendering to his cousin the scientist.

Gareth Carhart, the Marquess of Blakely did not believe in fortune tellers. All he knew for certain was this woman as taking advantage of his cousin who was spending a lot of money on her predictions. This was going to stop now. Gareth would set out to prove that this fortune teller was a fraud but he finds himself being pulled into her web only to discover the real woman.

Proof by SeductionI had seen Courtney Milan’s name and decided to grab a book of hers to try her out. Proof by Seduction is the first book of Carhart series and I thought it was very good. At first I was not pulled into the story but once it started to unravel you are taken with the story especially how the main characters are a fake fortune teller and a scientist. The pair seemed unlikely and it is but throughout the book that all changes for them. Romance along with a fiery passion builds and finally burst between the two characters but it will not be an insistent happiness. For me I thought Milan does a wonderful job on character detail throughout the book. Each had a past which they were hiding from or dealing with. At the end of the book you felt as you knew the characters. I will certainly be checking out more from Courtney Milan.


4 thoughts on “Proof of Seduction

  1. Courtney Milan is one of my favorite authors, but I have not read this one. I think I will look in the used book store and see if they have any others I may have missed. I always get some good recomendations from you, Gayle. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome Dot! She is a really well written author. I am going after another one of her books which I requested from another library which is The Governess Affair. I’m excited to try another one of her books. Which book of hers is your favorite?

      • I thought the Governess affair was very good. My favorite was The Dutchess Wars and the next novella in the series A Kiss for Midwinter.

      • I was looking at The Duchess Wars before but then I saw that the Governess Affair was the prequel I wanted to try that first. But I will definitely check out The Duchess Wars and A Kiss for Midwinter as I am sure I will like them.

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