To Catch a Highlander

Lord Dougal MacLean has won a house and was going to give it as a gift for his nephew but was astonished from the sabotage from the previous owner. Dougal knew he would not let Sophia win but the longer he stayed around the beauty the more he wanted her.

Sophia MacFarlane would not let her house to another person. She would work hard to frighten the new owner, Dougal and would hope to win it back. Sophia did not expect to lose to this man but with every hand she lost she lost a little of her heart to this man.

To Catch a HighlanderThe third book to the MacLean Curse series is To Catch a Highlander. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dougal and Sophia together was nothing but challenge after challenge which went well with their temperament which was fiery especially with each other. Of course within each challenge came the seduction that both played, Dougal more as he was practiced in the art of it, and together the pages were steaming. Now the rain was once again well placed and comical at times as with each rise in Dougal’s anger so did the force of the storm. I liked the predicament which Sophia was placed in as it showed her character but you knew the moment it went south with the cards everything would be ruined, but as this is a romance book there was hope. There was a little surprise at the end which I didn’t see coming and that made the ending that much nicer.

As I have read now three books from Karen Hawkins I have noticed that she sets this series so far in one area with each book, a house or an inn throughout most of the book. I liked that as you were not worried about keeping up to where the characters were being placed. You focused on the characters themselves who gave enjoyment as you read the book. Oh and on a side note I was very happy to have Fiona back in the book as I thought she was missed in the second one. Fiona and Jack are still fantastic together and add fun to the book. The MacLean Curse series is one I want to keep reading.


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