A Wicked Gentleman

A Wicked GentlemanLady Corneila Dagenham wants to travel to London to spend a month in the city but her family denies it. Corneila will be out of luck until her friend inheritance a house. Corneila, her children and her two companions will travel to London and find the house in disarray but there will be more to discover as they are not the only ones who want the house.

Viscount Bonham, Harry is after the house but he is too late as it is occupied. Now Harry must find a way in and he does that by seducing one of the women who resides there. Harry will find that his ploy is not easy as feelings start to stir inside him. He will want more from this widow but he also has the mission he must complete.

Going back to Jane Feather I found the series Cavendish Square Trilogy. The last series I had read was with three brothers  and it seems I am switching it up as this series is about three women.

A Wicked Gentleman was a very good book. I liked the immediate intrigue which pushed you into the book as there was mystery with this house and what it contained. All three women are featured in the book but Corneila is the main character with Harry as the suitor. I thought Feather does a fantastic job with how Harry and Corneila interacted throughout the book. There was a battle between them but a surrender every time. I liked the concept of codes and espionage that circled the book’s plot, it wasn’t in your face but subtle. I knew that once Harry embarked on his mission there would be trouble when Corneila finds out and I was not wrong, but then when you keep things hidden they always get uncovered.

I will have to say that I am interested in what will else will happen with these woman at Cavendish Square especially as we do not know everything about the last proprietor, Lady Sophia. Since I have picked up the other two books in the series the answers should come quickly.

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